Eastman Kodak Company

In Depth

Was responsible for creating several extract, transform, load scripts using SQL Server Integration Services and Business Intelligence Studio to migrate and transform data from SharePoint lists to Oracle tables and vice versa.

Designed a database view to automate a report. The view replaced an outdated ETL and helped save hours of manual data aggregation for the report.

Researched and taught an introduction to SSAS, multi-dimensional queries using MDX. Documented all findings and wrote tutorials for coworkers to follow.

Created new reports on Oracle data and created a JBoss driven testing environment to aid in debugging reports instead of uploading to a test server.

Independently built and deployed a dynamic PHP/Oracle driven content distribution site to replace a static nightly generated site. Boasted a instant search, and improved features over the existing site. Intoduced senior developer to PHP and web development using best practices. Used Smarty templating engine, CSS, JavaScript, and the jQuery framework.

DeLorme Mapping Inc. June 2010-Present

Two DeLorme Drive
Yarmouth, ME 04096


Used C, C++, SQLite, Visual Studio, Crossworks, and Accurev source control

In Depth

I worked on a large team of junior and senior software engineers developing firmware for DeLorme's PN-Series handheld GPS units. I developed in C and C++ on embedded systems. I helped port SQLite for our unique system, and implement system-wide changes to integrate the new technology. I was tasked with designing and implementing GUI controls. I refactored and improved upon existing code to make performance goals. I gained good knowledge of Win32 programming. I was responsible for meeting deadlines and conducting benchmarks on new and existing code.

I started as a summer intern, but I was allowed to continue working at DeLorme remotely while I attended school. I was responsible for keeping track of my own hours and keeping my superiors and colleagues updated with my progress.

helpplz.infopersonal project. visit


860,000 pageviews per month
Growing US trend
27,000 rows of data
Uses PHP, MySQL databases, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, and CSS

In Depth

Helpplz.info is a personal project that I have been working on in my spare time since the beginning of 2010. The website is an emoticon library for the popular artists community, deviantart.com. Users can browse and search my website to find the emoticon they are looking for, copy the code, and use it anywhere on deviantart.com. This project showcases my talents for web design as well as my experience with PHP and MySQL databases. I gained a lot of experience in database design. I was responsible for building, maintaining, and backing up my database. I gained so much experience with web scraping and data gathering with regular expressions that it has become second nature.

I also worked one on one with users in an international community, developing new features and improving aesthetics and site layout. This gave me a great appreciation for doing a good job and making the user happy.

Steam Friends Facebook Applicationpersonal project


Over 2000 total users
187 People like the application
Used PHP, Javascript, FBML (Facebook Markup Language), HTML, CSS

In Depth

Steam is a popular video game content delivery service. Steam's software allows users to chat and interact with each other, and add each other as friends. One of my earliest efforts at a web application, Steam Friends for Facebook displays a user's Steam friends on his or her profile. The project was very poorly programmed, and I abandoned it very soon after I released it. Despite the lack of support or updates, the application remained functional up until Facebook changed their application types, even gaining popularity over time. The project is a testament to my progress since then, and it served as a good learning experience using a public API to program a web application.

Hannaford Bros. SupermarketsMay 2009-September 2009

35 Elm Street
Brunswick, ME 04011


Learned punctuality, customer service, teamwork, and speed and efficiency in a fast-paced workplace.